Blackfoot Goby, Asterropteryx atripes Shibukawa & Suzuki 2002

Other Names: Yano's Starry Goby

A Blackfoot Goby, Asterropteryx aatripes, from Halmahera, Indonesia. Source: Gerald R. Allen / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A dark brown goby becoming tan or whitish below, with a broad dark stripe from the rear of the eye to the caudal-fin base (may be indistinct), 3-4 rows of tiny iridescent blue spots on the head and body, faint dark-edged pale spots on the dorsal and anal fins, and dusky brown to blackish pelvic fins.

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Blackfoot Goby, Asterropteryx atripes Shibukawa & Suzuki 2002

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Rowley Shoals, Western Australia. Elsewhere the species occurs in the east-Indo-west Pacific: Andaman Islands, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and Ryukyu Islands, Japan.
Individuals occur in sheltered bays, hovering above sand, rubble and muddy substrates.


Dorsal fin VI + I,9-10; Pe


A distinct black band from posterior margin of eye to caudal fin base (indistinct in darkphase individuals); black pelvic fin (vivid in dark-phase individuals); numerous minute bright blue spots on head and body in life; no distinct dark spots on head and body; iris entirely reddish-brown or dusky (bright white ventrally in pale-phase individuals).


The specific name atripes is from the Latin ater (= black) and pes (= foot), in reference to the conspicuous black pelvic fin of this species.

Species Citation

Asterropteryx atripes Shibukawa & Suzuki 2002, Ichthyological Research 49: 276, Figs. 1–4. Type locality: Funauki Bay, Iriomote-jima Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan (24°19.3 N, 123°44.3 E), 25 m.


Bray, D.J. 2021


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Blackfoot Goby, Asterropteryx atripes Shibukawa & Suzuki 2002


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428478

Depth:10-15 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:2-7 cm TL

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