Midgley's Carp Gudgeon, Hypseleotris bucephala Thacker, Geiger & Unmack 2022

Other Names: Boofhead Carp Gudgeon
A tan to dark brown carp gudgeon with alternating light and dark bands on the upper half of the body, a paler lower half with a silvery throat and belly, and clear to dusky fins. Breeding males have bright red, black and orange bands, often with a narrow white margin, on the outer half of the dorsal, caudal and anal fins. The species has a blunt head, a rounded snout profile, and predorsal scales.

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Midgley's Carp Gudgeon, Hypseleotris bucephala Thacker, Geiger & Unmack 2022

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Murray-Darling Basin, Bulloo-Bancannia Basin, the Lake Eyre Basin, East Coast drainages between the Tully and Brisbane rivers, and the upper Einasleigh River in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland.
Hemiclonal lineages involving this species and Hypseleotris moolooboolaensis are present in the Mary, Maroochy, and Auburn (Burnett) rivers.


Dorsal fin VI-VIII(rarely VI) + I,10-12; Anal fin I,10-12; Pectoral fin 13-15; Longitudinal scales 30-35; Predorsal scales 0-19 (on midline); Vertebrae 29-30.
Scales present on dorsal head and nape, ranging from well-developed, imbricate to scattered, small, cycloid; head pores absent. Urogenital papillae in males and females blunt, with lateral edges of papilla longer than incised centre, yielding a w-shaped outline.


The specific name bucephala is from the Greek bu (= large), and kephale (= head) in reference to the blunt profile and enlarged forehead seen particularly in the males.

Species Citation

Hypseleotris bucephala Thacker, Geiger & Unmack 2022, Royal Society Open Science 9: 11, Fig. 6. Type locality: Lachlan River, below Cargellio Weir, New South Wales, Australia (PU16-08), 33.2012 S, 146.4523 E.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Midgley's Carp Gudgeon, Hypseleotris bucephala Thacker, Geiger & Unmack 2022


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CAAB Code:37429049

Max Size:3 cm


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