Sailfin Snapper, Symphorichthys spilurus (Günther 1874)

Other Names: Blue-lined Sea-bream, Blue-lined Sea-perch

A Sailfin Snapper, Symphorichthys spilurus, in the Musée Océanographique de Monaco. Source: Georges Jansoone / Wikimedia Commons. License: CC by Attribution

A deep-bodied tropical snapper with a yellowish body, blue stripes along the sides, a large pale-edged black spot on the upper tail base, an orange bar above the eye and another behind the head. The tall dorsal and anal fins often have one or more elongate filaments.

Juveniles are pale greyish with a broad white-edged black midlateral stripe from the snout to the end of the tail, and elongate yellowish filaments in the dorsal and anal fin.

A huge Sailfin Snapper (aka Sea Bream) spawning aggregation at Peleliu, Palau.

Video of a Sailfin Snapper in an aquarium.

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Sailfin Snapper, Symphorichthys spilurus (Günther 1874)

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Recorded in Australia from the North West Shelf, NW of Dampier, Rowley Shoals and Scott Reef, Western Australia, and from Lizard Island to the Capricorn Group, Queensland; also at Ashmore Reef, Timor Sea. Found elsewhere in the tropical west Pacific.

Inhabits sandy areas adjacent to reefs in lagoons and on outer reefs.


Carnivore - feeds on fishes and benthic crustaceans and molluscs. 


Although usually solitary, small spawning aggregations of mature individuals are seen along seaward reefs.

Species Citation

Symphorus spilurus Günther, 1874, J. Mus. Godeffroy 2(7): 61. Type locality: Palau (as Pelew Islands).


Dianne J. Bray

Sailfin Snapper, Symphorichthys spilurus (Günther 1874)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37346052

Depth:5-60 m

Fishing:Minor commercial; aquarium fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:60 cm TL

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