Striped Trumpeter, Latris lineata (Forster 1801)

Other Names: Common Trumpeter, Copper Moki, Hobart-town Trumpeter, Kokikohi, Real Trumpeter, Realie, Stripey Trumpeter, Stripy, Tasmanian Striped Trumpeter, Tasmanian Trumpeter

A Striped Trumpeter, Latris lineata, at Edwards Island, Foveaux Strait, New Zealand, March 2012. Source: Clinton Duffy / License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A large highly prized angling fish with three dark olive-green stripes along the upper side, a broad indistinct band along the lower side, and a dark stripe from the snout to the dorsal-fin origin. The Striped Trumpeter differs from other latrids (family Latridae) in having 26-30 anal-fin rays. 

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Striped Trumpeter, Latris lineata (Forster 1801)

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Southern New South Wales to Albany, Western Australia, including around Tasmania. Elsewhere the species occurs in the south-west Pacific and south Atlantic: Argentina, Patagonia, Tristan da Cunha, Foundation seamounts (South Pacific), St Paul and Amsterdam Islands, and New Zealand.
Usually inhabits deep rocky reefs.


Feeds on a range of benthic invertebrates, including shrimps, crabs, octopus, squid, and mussels.


A long-lived species, attaining an estimated age of 43 years. 


Targeted by bottom trawls, droplines and by rod and reel. Striped Trumpeter are keenly sought by recreational anglers for their fighting abilities and are an excellent food fish.


The species is named lineata for the distinctive dark stripes along the body.

Species Citation

Cichla lineata Forster 1801, Systema Ichthyologiae: 342. Type locality: New Zealand.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Striped Trumpeter, Latris lineata (Forster 1801)


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CAAB Code:37378001

Depth:3-400 m

Fishing:Commercial, recreational fish

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:120 cm TL; 25 kg

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