Slender Escolar, Paradiplospinus gracilis (Brauer 1906)

Illustration of a Slender Escolar, Paradiplospinus gracilis. Source: FAO / EOL. License: CC by Attribution-Noncommercial


In Australian waters the Slender Escolar has only been captured off southern Tasmania.

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Slender Escolar, Paradiplospinus gracilis (Brauer 1906)

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Known only from southern Africa and southern Australia. In Australian waters this species has only been recorded from southern Tasmania. An oceanic species, benthopelagic, in depths of 368-626 m. Juveniles pelagic, most likely mesopelagic.


D XXXV-XXXVIII, 0, 0, 26-30; A II, 24-29.

Body very elongate and compressed. Body depth 12-16 times into standard length. Head length 4.5-4.9 times into standard length. Three pairs of rigid, and 1-3 pairs of depressible fang-like teeth in upper jaw. One pair of fang-like teeth in lower jaw. Length of second dorsal fin base roughly one-third of first dorsal fin base.


Body and fins brownish-black.




Mature at around 35 cm (standard length).


Of no interest to fisheries.




The specific name is from the Latin, gracilis, meaning slender.

Species Citation

Lepidopus gracilis Brauer, 1906, Die Tiefsee-Fische. I. Systematischer Teil.15: 291, Pl. 12 (fig. 5), Off western coast of South Africa, 21°53'S, 6°58'06"E, depth 1400 meters.


Schultz, S.

Slender Escolar, Paradiplospinus gracilis (Brauer 1906)


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