Doublebar Goatfish, Parupeneus crassilabris (Valenciennes 1831)

Other Names: Double-banded Goatfish, Double-bar Goatfish, Thicklipped Goatfish, Two-banded Goatfish, Twobarred Goatfish, Yellowstripe Goatfish

A Doublebar Goatfish, Parupeneus crassilabris, at Rapid Horn, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea, December 2000. Source: Erik Schlogl / License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A large whitish to yellow or purplish goatfish with yellow scale margins or a yellow spot on scales, a black patch around the eye, two broad dark bars on the side, and a bright red inner iris rim.

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Doublebar Goatfish, Parupeneus crassilabris (Valenciennes 1831)

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Ningaloo Reef to north-west of the Montebello Islands, including offshore reefs, Western Australia, Ashmore Reef, Timor Sea, and the northern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, west-central Pacific (Western Pacific and southeastern Indian Ocean: Indonesia east to the Caroline Islands and Tonga, north to Ryukyu Islands, south to northern Australia and New Caledonia).


Dorsal fin VIII, 9; Anal fin I, 7; Pectoral fin 15-16 (rarely 15); Gill rakers 7-10 + 27-31 (total 35-40). 
Body deeper with growth; head length (HL) 2.8-3.15 in SL; snout length 1.75-1.95 in HL; barbels short, 1.45-1.75 in HL; longest dorsal spine 1.4-1.6 in HL; penultimate dorsal ray 1.2-1.5 in length of last dorsal ray; pectoral-fin length 1.25-1.45 in HL; pelvic-fin length 1.2-1.4 in HL. 


Whitish with scale edges yellow or yellowish grey, posterior edge often enlarged to a distinct yellow spot; upper two-thirds of body with two very large oval black spots, the first centred below anterior part of spinous dorsal fin, second below anterior half or more of second dorsal fin, extending into basal part of fin; a large black spot on head behind and enclosing part of eye, extending diffusely toward corner of mouth; broad outer part of second dorsal and anal fins blue with narrow oblique dark-edged yellow bands; caudal fin streaked with dull blue and yellow; inner rim of iris bright red.


This species has been treated as a synonym of Parupeneus bifasciatus.

Species Citation

Upeneus crassilabris Valenciennes 1831, Hist. Nat. Poiss. 7:  523. Type locality: New Guinea.


Bray, D.J. 2017


Australian Faunal Directory

Doublebar Goatfish, Parupeneus crassilabris (Valenciennes 1831)


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CAAB Code:37355023

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:1-83 m

Max Size:38 cm TL

Max Size:Reef associated

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