Notch-head Marblefish, Aplodactylus etheridgii (Ogilby 1889)

Other Names: Notchheaded Marblefish

A Notch-head Marblefish, Aplodactylus etheridgii, at Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea. Source: Graham Edgar / Reef Life Survey. License: CC By Attribution

A brownish-green marblefish with a greyish abdomen, brown fins, numerous small white spots on lower sides and fins, the outer half of the fleshy pectoral-fin rays yellowish-white and yellow gill cover membranes.

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Notch-head Marblefish, Aplodactylus etheridgii (Ogilby 1889)

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Found at Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island in the Tasman Sea; also at the Kermadec Islands, northern New Zealand. 


Dorsal fin XV-XVII, 19-20; Anal fin III, 6-7; Pectoral fin i, 13-14; Lateral line scales 83-98; Gill rakers 4-8 + 11-16 = 18-20; Vertebrae 15-19 = 34.

Body elongate, greatest depth 3.5-4.2 in SL; head length 3.7-4.5 in SL; snout short, 2.8-3.1 in head; dorsal profile of head obtuse, larger specimens with bony protuberance above eye; orbital diameter 4.3-5.1 in head; interorbital space distinctly concave, least width of interorbital 3.6-4.4 in head; least depth of caudal peduncle 2.0-2.8 in head; peduncle length 1.8-3.2 in head. Mouth small, somewhat ventral on head; lips fleshy, upper lip projecting, maxilla reaching a vertical through posterior nostril; teeth small, mainly multicuspid, a few tricuspid, in three to four rows in jaws, outermost row of teeth largest; vomerine teeth present as two small patches; two pairs of nostrils, anterior pair with fleshy fimbriate flaps on anteroventral margin and posteroventral margin; opercle with broad flat embedded spine which does not extend to the fleshy margin. 

Dorsal fin long-based, with elongate notch between spinous and soft parts of fin, basal length of soft dorsal fin 0.9-1.1 in length of spinous part; anal fin short, basal length 1.8-2.9 in head; pectoral fin length 1.0-1.3 in head, ventral-most 5 to 6 rays simple, fleshy; pelvic fin length 0.9-1.4 in head, rays fleshy.

Scales small, cycloid, embedded, extending on to cheeks and opercles, and forming a sheath along base of spinous dorsal fin.


Body and head brownish-green, abdomen grey, fins brown; lower parts of body and fins with numerous small white spots; outer half of fleshy pectoral rays yellowish white; branchiostegal membrane yellow.


Feeds on algae.

Similar Species

Differs from other species in the genus by the distinctly concave interorbital space and profile of head notched behind the eye.

Species Citation

Haplodactylus etheridgii Ogilby 1889, Memoirs of the Australian Museum 2(3): 57. Type locality: Admiralty Islets, Lord Howe Island.


Bray, D.J. 2020


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Notch-head Marblefish, Aplodactylus etheridgii (Ogilby 1889)


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CAAB Code:37376003

Depth:6-20 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:45 cm TL

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