Redbelt Monocle Bream, Parascolopsis inermis (Temminck & Schlegel 1843)

Other Names: Banded Monocle Bream, Unarmed Dwarf Monocle Bream, Yellow Monocle Bream

A Redbelt Monocle Bream, Parascolopsis inermis, on the Izu Peninsula, Japan. Source: Izuzuki / License: CC by Attribution-ShareAlike

A pale yellowish monocle bream, silvery below, with four broad reddish bars on the back, paler, indistinct reddish bars in the interspaces, and a yellowish dorsal fin with numerous red spots.

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Redbelt Monocle Bream, Parascolopsis inermis (Temminck & Schlegel 1843)

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Off northwestern Western Australia, and in the Coral Sea off Cape York, Queensland. Elsewhere the species occurs in the tropical, Indo-west Pacific.


Dorsal fin X, 9; Anal fin III, 7; Pectoral fin ii, 14; Gill rakers 9-10; Lateral-line scales 25. 
Body depth 2.6 to 2.9 in SL; snout length equal to or less than diameter of eye; head scales reaching forward to between middle of eyes; posterior margin of preopercle sloping forward slightly; lower limb of preopercle naked; posterior margin of suborbital finely serrate (sometimes smooth), a very small spine at upper corner; suborbital depth 2.5 to 3.5 in eye diameter; pectoral fins long, reaching to or beyond level of anus; pelvic fins long, reaching to or almost to level of anus. 


Pale yellowish, silvery below; 4 broad, dark reddish bars on back; the first just in front of dorsal fin and extending down to base of pectoral fin; the second below middle of dorsal fin and extending down to midlateral part of body; the third just behind dorsal fin and extending almost to ventral surface of caudal peduncle; the fourth extending down base of caudal fin; paler, indistinct reddish bars in interspaces between darker bars; dorsal fin yellowish, with numerous red spots.


Carnivore - feeds on benthic invertebrates.


Taken as by-catch in commercial bottom trawls, traps and longlines.

Species Citation

Scolopsides inermis Temminck & Schlegel 1844, Fauna Japonica 4(2–4): 63, pl. 28(1). Type locality: Japan. 


Bray, D.J.


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Redbelt Monocle Bream, Parascolopsis inermis (Temminck & Schlegel 1843)


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CAAB Code:37347041

Depth:60–131 m

Habitat:Sandy, muddy bottoms

Max Size:18 cm SL

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