Ogilby's Stinkfish, Calliurichthys ogilbyi (Fricke 2002)

Other Names: Ogilby's Stinkfish

Ogilby's Stinkfish, Calliurichthys ogilbyi. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-NonCommercial

Males have a black first dorsal fin with oblique white streaks that is tall and bears filaments on all four spines, and a black anal fin with a narrow pale basal area. Females have a plain dark brown throat, and the outer two-thirds of the anal fin is black.

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Ogilby's Stinkfish, Calliurichthys ogilbyi (Fricke 2002)

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Endemic to eastern Australia, from Cape York, Queensland, to off the Clarence River, New South Wales. 


Sexual dimorphism: Males have a taller first dorsal fin than females, with the spines filamentous, and with whitish oblique stripes on a black background (with an ocellus distally around third spine in females), a longer snout, a longer caudal fin, and a longer urogenital papilla.


Colour in preservative: Body dorsally light grey to greyish brown, with rounded whitish and brownish spots; sides of body in males each with a row of brown blotches, arranged in groups of 2–3, below the lateral line. Head greyish brown, with small dark brown spots below the eyes. Throat in the male dark brown, with a central heart-shaped black blotch; plain dark brown in the female. First dorsal fin the male black, with oblique white streaks; in the female greyish brown, with a large black ocellus distally surrounding the third spine. Second dorsal fin with 3 blackish spots on each ray, and with 3 horizontal grey streaks on each membrane. Males with distal five-sixths of anal fin black, females with distal twothirds of anal fin black. Lower one-third of caudal fin black, upper two-thirds with about 12 vertical double rows of dark brown spots. Pectoral fin pale, upper half with vertical rows of small blackish spots. Pelvic fin mottled with dark brownish grey. 


This species was previously referred to as the Japanese Stinkfish, Calliurichthys scaber, which is only known from Lord Howe Island (Fricke 2002). Both C. ogilbyi and C. scaber have previously been referred to as C. japonicus, a species not known to occur in Australian waters.


The species is named in honour of John Douglas Ogilby (1853–1925) who published important contributions to the knowledge of Australian callionymid fishes.

Species Citation

Callionymus ogilbyi Fricke 2002, Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde. Serie A (Biologie) 634: 5, fig. 1. Type locality: southeast of Evans Head, off Iluka, New South Wales.


Bray, D.J. 2019


Australian Faunal Directory

Ogilby's Stinkfish, Calliurichthys ogilbyi (Fricke 2002)


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CAAB Code:37427036

Depth:18-140 m

Max Size:20 cm SL


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