Common name: Cow Sharks, Cowsharks, Sevengill Sharks, Sixgill Sharks



Rather primitive sharks with 6 or 7 pairs of gills (almost all other sharks have only 5 pairs of gills), a single dorsal fin without a spine, an inferior mouth with comb-shaped lower teeth and a caudal fin with a distinct subterminal notch.

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Family Taxonomy

Family with 3 genera and 4 species widely throughout tropical and sub-tropical waters of the world, including Australia. Australian species were reviewed by Kemp (1977).

Family Distribution

Found worldwide in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the world. Cowsharks inhabit coastal and offshore waters of the continental shelf and slope, from the surface to about 1800 m.

Family Size

Length 90 cm to 4.8 m.

Family Feeding

Cowsharks feed on fishes, crustaceans and carrion.

Family Reproduction

Reproduction ovoviviparous - the embryops develop from eggs that hatch inside the uterus, and the young are born alive.

Family Biology

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