Common name: Gudgeons


Small to medium-sized fishes that are closely related to gobies (family Gobiidae). Eleotrids have a long robust rounded to compressed body, a short broad head with a blunt snout, a large, oblique mouth, two short-based dorsal fins, the second closer to the  first than to the tail base, and completely separate pelvic fins. The head and body are completely scaled, and the lateral line is absent. 

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Family Taxonomy

 Currently, 18 genera and 42 described species are known from Australia as well as one species of Eleotris of uncertain identity, one undescribed species of Philypnodon and three undescribed species of Hypseleotris.

Family Distribution

Gudgeons are found worldwide in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments in tropical and warm temperate regions. Most species occur in freshwater or estuarine environments (typically associated with mangroves). A few small-sized species occur on rocky or coral reef environments (Calumia and Thalasseleotris).

Family Size

Eleotrids are small to medium sized, ranging from 2 to 50 cm.

Family Feeding

Most species live on the bottom where they feed on benthic invertebrates, especially crustaceans; a few species swim in the water column and feed on zooplankton.


Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


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