Genus Lythrichthys

A genus of Setarchidae with the following characters: Anal-fin rays usually III, 5 (rarely III, 4 or III, 6); predorsal scales 7–12; body depth at pelvic-fin origin and interorbital width at vertical midline of eye 29.1–38.6% and 8.1–12.9% of SL, respectively; snout, dorsal and ventral surface of head without scales; at least three-quarters of lateral surface of premaxilla covered by well-developed lip; first lacrimal spine well developed, about same length as second and third spines; 5 preopercular spines, second rudimentary or much shorter than first and third, first and third spine much longer than lower 2, fourth and fifth subequal in length; tip of first lacrimal spine just reaching or extending over upper lip; thoracic and abdominal scales well embedded in skin; swimbladder well developed; intestine and pyloric caeca black or grey; single supraneural; abdominal vertebrae 9, caudal vertebrae 15; tip of second anal proximal-pterygiophore located between ninth abdominal and first caudal vertebrae. 
Author: Bray, D.J. 2021

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