Genus Macrourus


Head large, broad, snout rounded to bluntly pointed, with a stout modified tricuspid scale at tip; a strong suborbital ridge that extends posteriorly onto the preopercular and ending in a sharp point; eye large, diameter about one-third head length; mouth sub-terminal, jaws reaching to beyond a vertical through mid-orbit; outer gill rakers on first arch absent; branchiostegal rays 6. Teeth small, in moderate to broad bands on premaxilla, sometimes with outer series slightly enlarged, the bands tapering posteriorly and ending well short of rictus; mandibular teeth 1 to about 5 teeth wide at symphysis, narrowing to one row posteriorly and extending to about end of rictus. A serrated spinous ray (second, first ray tiny and stout) in the first dorsal fin; pelvic fin rays usually 8 or 9 (7 to 10). Anus close to anal fin, no light organ; swimbladder shallowly bilobed anteriorly, with 4 retia mirabilia. Body scales with an enlarged median row of spinules flanked by parallel rows of much smaller spinules.

McMillan et al. (2012) revised the genus.

Author: Bray, D.J. 2017

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