Milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskål 1775)

Other Names: Bandang, Bangos, Bukkariba, Buruna, Giant Herring, Milk-fish, Moreton Bay Salmon, Salmon Herring

Milkfish, Chanos chanos - Hawaii. Source: Ken Tam / Flickr. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike


A large silvery streamlined fish with a deeply forked caudal fin, an olive-green to bluish back and pale to yellowish dorsal, anal and caudal fins with dark margins. The eye is covered by thick transparent 'adipose' tissue.

Milkfish are a very important food fish in Asia and Southeast Asia where they have been farmed for centuries.

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Milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskål 1775)

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Meristic features: Dorsal fin II, 13-17; Anal fin II, 8-10; Pelvic fin 11-12; Lateral line scales 75-91; Branchiostegals rays 4.

Body elongate, moderately compressed, smooth and streamlined; eye covered with transparent 'adipose' tissue; mouth small, terminal, teeth absent; lower jaw with small tubercle at tip, fitting into notch in upper jaw; no bony gular plate between arms of lower jaw. Gill rakers fine and numerous.

Dorsal fin single, short-based, at about midbody; anal fin short-based, positioned far back on body; caudal fin large, deeply forked with large scale flaps at base in adults;pectoral fins low on body with axillary (inner basal) scales; pelvic fins abdominal with axillary scales.

Scales cycloid, small, smooth; no scutes (modified pointed scales) along belly.


A very important food fish, especially in SE Asia


Dianne J. Bray

Milkfish, Chanos chanos (Forsskål 1775)


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CAAB Code:37142001

Depth:0-30 m

Habitat:Marine, estuarine (&freshwater)

Max Size:180 cm

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