Austral Cod, Guttigadus kongi (Markle & Meléndez 1988)

Austral Cod, Guttigadus kongi. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

Body short, broad, covered by small deciduous scales, ending in a very small caudal peduncle; 20-23 modified scales on lateral line; gill chamber, mouth floor and lips without pigmentation; 49-56 total vertebrae; mouth subterminal.

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Austral Cod, Guttigadus kongi (Markle & Meléndez 1988)

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Occurs off Eastern Victoria and Eastern Tasmania. Elsewhere, the species occurs on continental slopes and some seamounts in the Southern Ocean, including off Chile, Argentina, Southern Australia and New Zealand, at depths of 83-1500 m.


In preservative: body mainly pinkish (without scales); fins with dark membranes. Lips, interior of mouth, and gill chambers whitish or lightly pigmented. Juveniles with seven or eight narrow bluish vertical bands.

Similar Species

Guttigadus kongi differs from G. globosus in having more total vertebrae (56-59 vs 49-56), fewer lateral body scales (111-137 vs 170), a longer anal fin base (59.9-70.2 vs 52.1-59.9), and an unpigmented lining of the mouth rather than a pigmented lining in G. globosus.


The species is named in honour of Ismael Kong, collector of the type material and ardent friend of Chilean ichthyology. 

Species Citation

Laemonema kongi Markle & Meléndez , 1988, Copeia 1988(4): 872, figs 2-3. Type locality: off Chile, 690 m. [34°51´S, 72°36´W]. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Austral Cod, Guttigadus kongi (Markle & Meléndez 1988)


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CAAB Code:37224041


Depth:835-1450 m (AUS)

Max Size:17 cm

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