Eastern Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus coelorhynchus Günther 1873

Prior to 2023, this species was known as Urocampus carinirostris.

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Eastern Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus coelorhynchus Günther 1873

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Elliott Heads, Queensland, to Nadgee, New South Wales.

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Urocampus coelorhynchus is similar to U. carinirostris and U. paucianulus in usually having 8 or 9 trunk rings in males and 9–10 in females, usually 14 dorsal-fin rays, and a relatively shorter snout, and lacks a distinct dent above the dorsoposterior margin of the orbit. However, U. coelorhynchus differs from U. carinirostris and U. paucianulus in total ring number, pre-dorsal-fin tail length, and tail length.


The specific name coelorhynchus is from the Latin coelo- (= hollow) and rhynchus (= snout).

Species Citation

Urocampus coelorhynchus Günther 1873, Journal des Museum Godeffroy 1(2): 103. Type locality: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Bray, D.J. 2023


Atlas of Living Australia

Eastern Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus coelorhynchus Günther 1873


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CAAB Code:37282144

Depth:0-3 m


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