Western Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus guentheri Duncker 1909

Other Names: Günther’s Pipefish

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Western Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus guentheri Duncker 1909

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Laura Bay near Ceduna, South Australia, to the Perth region (and possibly north to Shark Bay), Western Australia.

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Urocampus guentheri Duncker 1909, Syngnathidae. in Die Fauna Südwest-Australiens 2(15): 242, Fig. 1. Type locality: Under Canning Bridge, Canning River, Perth, Western Australia, 32°02'S, 115°49'E (neotype).


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Western Hairy Pipefish, Urocampus guentheri Duncker 1909


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