Recreational Fishing

Fishing is one of Australia's largest single outdoor activities. Each year, more than 3.5 million keen anglers enjoy fishing for sport and recreation. While most Australians live on the coastal fringe, close to estuaries, bays, inlets and ocean waters, freshwater fishing is also popular in lakes, rivers and streams.

This enormous popularity of recreational fishing can contribute to both overfishing and the destruction of vital fish habitat. Anglers can help preserve fish population and fish habitat by taking care to not damage the environment, understanding and complying with fishing regulations and bag limits, taking no more than they need, and quickly returning unwanted fish back into the water.

For info on recreational fishing websites and links to government information go to:

· Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service

· Northern Territory fishing rules and regulations

· Recfishwest Western Australian Recreational and Sportsfishing Council

· Australian Anglers Association (WA Division)

· Recreational Fishing Western Australia

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