Genus Pentaceros


A small genus found in temperate waters with three species in this temperate genus, with one species in Australian waters.

Body deep, noticeably broad between ventral fins of juveniles; dorsal profile broadly rounded, nearly vertical under soft dorsal‑fin rays; jaw teeth short, conical, slightly curved, in moderately broad bands; vomer with teeth; snout short, upper profile straight; dorsal-fin spines strong, 4th longest, anterior soft rays longer than last spine, posterior margin of soft portion of fin evenly rounded; anal fin similar and opposite, but slightly smaller than soft portion of dorsal, spines stout; caudal fin slightly emarginate; pectoral-fin base in advance of ventral-fin base.

Author: Dianne J. Bray

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Hardy, G.S. 1983. A revision of the fishes of the family Pentacerotidae (Perciformes). New Zealand Journal of Zoology 10: 177-220 figs 1-13 [200]