Genus Upeneus

A genus of goatfishes found in tropical to subtropical waters of all major oceans. The genus comprises more than 30 species, with more than 12 described species known from Australian waters. Species share the following combination of diagnostic characters:
  • Dorsal fin VII or VIII + 9
  • Anal fin I, 6
  • Pectoral fin rays 12–17
  • Gill rakers  4–9 + 13–24 = 18–33
  • Principal caudal-fin rays 7 + 8 (median 13 branched)
  • Lateral-line scales 28–39, lateral line complete
  • Small scales present basally on second dorsal, anal and caudal fins
  • Small teeth present on vomer, palatines and jaws, multiserial and villiform on jaws
  • Body oblong, slightly compressed
  • Barbel length 4–7 times in SL (adults)
  • Snout length 7–11 times in SL, subequal to postorbital length (7–10 times in SL)
  • Lateral body stripes and/or caudal-fin bars of differing colours present in freshly caught specimens, dark caudal-fin bars frequently retained on preserved fish. (Uiblein & McGrouther 2012)
  • Author: Bray, D.J. 2020

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    Uiblein, F. & McGrouther, M. 2012. A new deep-water goatfish of the genus Upeneus (Mullidae) from northern Australia and the Philippines, with a taxonomic account of U. subvittatus and remarks on U. mascareinsis. Zootaxa 3550: 61-70.