Japanese Goatfish, Upeneus torres Uiblein & Gledhill 2014

Other Names: Torres Goatfish

Holotype of the Torres Goatfish, Upeneus torres, from north of Dalrymple Island, Torres Strait, Queensland. Source: Dan Gledhill / Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-NonCommercial


A silvery goatfish with the top of head from upper jaw reddish, lower sides white, with white barbels, two pale red stripes overlaying white rays on dorsal fin, and 9 oblique bars on caudal fin - 5 on upper lobe, 4 on lower lobe.

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Japanese Goatfish, Upeneus torres Uiblein & Gledhill 2014

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Recorded in Australia from off Shark Bay, northwestern Australia, to the Torres Strait, northeastern Australia. Also found in Vanuatu.


Meristic features: Dorsal fin VIII + 9; Anal fin ridge between the first and second dorsal fins (interdorsal ridge); Pectoral fin 16-17; Gill rakers 7-9 + 19-21 = 26-30.


Maximum known length 13.1 cm SL.


Head and front of body with silvery sides, rear of body and top part of head from upper jaw reddish; abdomen to lower part of caudal peduncle white; body stripes absent; barbels white; dorsal fins clear basally with two pale red stripes overlaying white rays with black tips; caudal fin with 9 oblique dark bars - 5 bars on upper lobe, 4 on lower lobe.


Although of no interest to fisheries, all known specimens have been taken in trawls.


In Australia, this species was originally referred to as Upeneus bensasi, which is a synonym of Upeneus japonicus, a species found only in the South China Sea and Japan.


The species name torres is from the type locality in the Torres Strait which was named after Luis Váez de Torres, a sixteenth–seventeenth century maritime explorer serving the Spanish Crown, noted for the first recorded navigation of the strait which separates Australia from the island of New Guinea.

Species Citation

Upeneus torres Uiblein & Gledhill 2014, Marine Biology Research: 2, figs 1-5. Type locality: NE Australia, Queensland, Torres Strait, north of Dalrymple Island, 9°19.70′S, 143°15.09′E, 12 m.


Dianne J. Bray

Japanese Goatfish, Upeneus torres Uiblein & Gledhill 2014


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Sainsbury, K.J., Kailola, P.J. & Leyland, G.G. 1984. Continental Shelf Fishes of Northern and North-Western Australia. Canberra : Fisheries Information Service 375 pp. figs & pls. (as Upeneus japonicus)

Uiblein, F. & Gledhill, D.C. 2014. A new goatfish of the genus Upeneus (Mullidae) from Australia and Vanuatu, with inter- and intraspecific comparisons. Marine Biology Research 11(5): 475-491. DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2014.958088 PDF Open access

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CAAB Code:37 355002

Depth:12-351 m

Habitat:Soft bottoms

Max Size:10 cm SL

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