Genus Cryptocentrus

A genus of gobies that share burrows with alpheid shrimps.
The genus is characterised by the following features. Head compressed, with eyes placed high on sides of head, interorbital much narrower than eye. Head pores present. Pelvic fins connected, forming a cup-shaped disc. Gill opening extends to below posterior preopercular margin, or well before margin in a few species. Scales typically cycloid, if ctenoid then second dorsal and anal fin rays 1,9-10 and gill opening narrow. Transverse papilla pattern. Two parallel papilla rows on chin. Lower horizontal papilla row extends backward from second vertical row. 
Dorsal rays 1,9-12. Anal rays 1,9-11. Skull distinctly compressed. Sphenotic flange displaced backward from orbit. No preopercular flange to symplectic. First dorsal fin origin behind pelvic fin insertion. 
Gill rakers unossified on inner face of lower limb of first gill arch and outer face of lower limb of second arch. Mouth long, usually reaching to or beyond posterior edge of eye (13-17% SL). Predorsal length 31-39% SL. Preanal length 60-64% SL.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2019

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