Tentacle Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus tentaculatus Hoese & Larson 2004

The holotype (male) of the Tentacle Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus tentaculatus, from a reef on Field Island, Northern Territory - NTM S.14637-045. Source: Suzanne Horner / Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, after Hoese & Larson, 2004, Fig. 2. License: All rights reserved

An unusual rusty brown shrimpgoby with broad oblique alternating pale and dark bands on the anal fin and 3-4 dark wavy bands o the caudal fin. Smaller individuals have reddish-brown vertical bands anteriorly on the body separated by whitish interspaces, white mottling on the head, rear half of body reddish brown, pale bands on caudal and white pelvic fins.
The Tentacle Shrimpgoby is unique in the genus Cryptocentrus in having an orbital tentacle, sensory papillae on ridged flaps on the head, cheek scales, and transverse rows of preopercular mandibular sensory papillae.

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Tentacle Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus tentaculatus Hoese & Larson 2004

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Endemic to northern Australia, from Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, to east of Cape York, Queensland.
Inhabits silty sandy bottoms and intertidal rocky reefs, where they have been seen coming out of burrows.


The species is known mostly from specimens taken as bycatch in trawls.


The specific name is from the Latin tentaculatum meaning 'tentacle', in reference to the distinctive tentacle on top of the eye.

Species Citation

Cryptocentrus tentaculatus Hoese & Larson, 2004, The Beagle 20: 169, figs 1-2. Type locality: Field Island, NT. 


Bray, D.J. 2016


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Tentacle Shrimpgoby, Cryptocentrus tentaculatus Hoese & Larson 2004


Hoese, D.F. & Larson, H.K. 2004. Description of a new species of Cryptocentrus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from northern Australia, with comments on the genus. The Beagle, Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory 20: 167-174.

Larson, H.K., Williams, R.S. & Hammer, M.P. 2013. An annotated checklist of the fishes of the Northern Territory, Australia. Zootaxa 3696(1): 1-293.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37428385

Behaviour:Shares burrows with alpheid shrimps

Depth:2–20 m

Habitat:Silty, sandy bottoms

Max Size:6.5 cm SL


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