Genus Acanthistius


A genus with six species found in the South Indo-West Pacific; 3 species in Australian waters.

Body moderately short and deep; dorsal profile of head nearly straight; eyes not extending above dorsal profile of head, interobital space broad; mouth reaching to below posterior edge of eyes; jaws with band of villiform teeth and outer row of enlarged conical teeth; teeth also on vomer and palatines; opercles each with 3 strong spines, lower smaller and closer to long middle spine than upper; posterior edge of preopercles serrated; scales cycloid, covering most of head, but not snout, preorbitals and maxillae; dorsal fin with 13 spines, a low central notch, spinous portion longer than soft portion; caudal fin truncate; pectoral fins large, rounded; pelvic fins small, tips rounded.

Author: Martin F. Gomon

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