Goldband Fusilier, Caesio caerulaurea Lacépède 1801

Other Names: Blue and Gold Fusilier, Blue Fusiler, Blue-and-gold Fusilier, Gold-band Fusilier, Gold-banded Fusilier, Sissor-tail Fusilier

A Goldband Fusilier, Caesio caerulaurea, at Mios Kon Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Source: Dennis Polack / FishWise Professional. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike

The Goldband Fusilier is of a blue-green colour with a single yellow stripe on its sides, inbetween two blue stripes. It has a black pectoral-fin axil, and a dark streak on each lobe of its forked caudal fin.

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Goldband Fusilier, Caesio caerulaurea Lacépède 1801


Allen, G.R & Erdmann, M.V.2012. Reef fishes of the East Indies. Volumes I-III. Tropical Reef Research, Perth, Australia.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37346024

Depth:Found in depths 1-30m

Habitat:Coastal, lagoon, and seaward reefs

Max Size:Max Size is 35cm TL

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