Blackspotted Rockskipper, Entomacrodus striatus (Valenciennes 1836)

Other Names: Pearly Rockskipper, Reef Margin Blenny, Streaked Blenny, Striated Blenny

A Blackspotted Rockskipper, Entomacrodus striatus, at Kingston, Norfolk Island, March 2017. Source: mscott / License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial


A small herbivorous goby that lives in the intertidal zone of coral and rocky reefs. Individuals skip across the reef platform, and shelter in small pools left by the receding tide.

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Blackspotted Rockskipper, Entomacrodus striatus (Valenciennes 1836)

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Recorded in the Australian EEZ from Rottnest Island to North West Cape, Western Australia, and from the Herald Group in the Coral Sea; also at Lord Howe, Norfolk in the Tasman Sea, and Coco-Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean. Elsewhere the species is widespread in the tropical, Indo-west-central Pacific.
Lives in the intertidal zone of lagoons and wave-swept seaward reefs. At low tide, Blackspotted Rockskippers shelter in small pockets of water left behind on the reef as the water recedes.


Dorsal fin XII-XIV, 14-16; anal fin II, 15-18.

Body covered in dark spots, upper lip dusky or with scattered spots, and a pale area behind eye with an irregular dark mark behind.


To 11 cm TL (total length).


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Not evaluated

Australian EPBC Act: Not Listed


Dianne J. Bray & Rebecca D. Bray

Blackspotted Rockskipper, Entomacrodus striatus (Valenciennes 1836)


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CAAB Code:37408037

Conservation:IUCN Least Concern

Depth:0-5 m

Habitat:Intertidal, coral & rocky reefs

Max Size:11 cm TL

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