Gon's Cardinalfish, Archamia bleekeri (Günther 1859)

Gon's Cardinalfish, Archamia bleekeri, at Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia. Source: Ian V. Shaw / Reef Life Survey. License: CC by Attribution

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Gon's Cardinalfish, Archamia bleekeri (Günther 1859)


Fraser, T.H. 2013. A new genus of cardinalfish (Apogonidae: Percomorpha), redescription of Archamia and resemblances and relationships with Kurtus (Kurtidae: Percomorpha). Zootaxa 3714(1): 001–063.

Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37327157

Depth:10-30 m

Habitat:Reef associated, on reefs, sandy & muddy bottoms

Max Size:10 cm TL

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