Western Silverbelly, Parequula elongata Iwatsuki, Pogonoski & Last 2012

Other Names: Western Silverbelly

Parequula elongata, from off Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Source: Peter Last / CSIRO. License: All rights reserved


A small slender silverbelly with a reddish margin to the dorsal fin, 14-15 soft anal-fin rays and 34-35 pored lateral line scales.

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Western Silverbelly, Parequula elongata Iwatsuki, Pogonoski & Last 2012

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Endemic to temperate waters of southwestern Australia from the Great Australian Bight, south of Point Bell, South Australia, to off Shark Bay, Western Australia, in depths of 40-133 m. The species lives near the bottom on the mid-continental shelf.


Meristic features:
Dorsal fin spines/rays IX, 15-16
Anal fin spines/rays III, 14-15
Gill rakers 3-5 + 1 + 10-12 (16-20)
Pectoral fin rays 14-15
Pelvic fin spines/rays I, 5
Lateral line scales (pored) 34-35


To 8.1 cm SL


Overall translucent with a slight silvery tone, underside silvery-white, fins translucent to whitish; dorsaf fin margins reddish, caudal fin with 4 vertical bands, the outermost band yellowish; iris golden with pale anterior and posterior margins.




Almost nothing is known of the biology of this species.


  • EPBC Act 1999 : Not listed
  • IUCN Red List : Not listed
  • Similar Species

    Parequula elongata differs from P. melbournensis in having a more slender body, a fewer soft anal-fin rays (14–15, mode 15 vs. 16–18, mode 17), fewer pored lateral line scales (34–35, mode 34 vs. 37–40, mode 38), and a reddish upper margin to the dorsal fin (vs. semi-translucent to bluish with a narrow, parallel, yellowish vertical line on each fin membrane and a yellowish fin margin in P. melbournensis). P. elongata also has a nearly straight to slightly convex head profile, whereas P. melbournensis is distinctly concave in outline profile the eyes.


    The species is named elongata in reference to its slender body compared with the deeper body of P. melbournensis.

    Species Citation

    Parequula elongata Iwatsuki, Pogonoski & Last, 2012, Zootaxa 3425: 42–54

    Type locality: off Rottnest I., Western Australia, Australia (32°08’S, 115°15’E), 132–133 m.


    Dianne J. Bray

    Western Silverbelly, Parequula elongata Iwatsuki, Pogonoski & Last 2012


    Iwatsuki, Y., J.J. Pogonoski & P. Last. 2012. Revision of the genus Parequula (Pisces: Gerreidae) with a new species from southwestern Australia. Zootaxa 3425: 42–54

    Quick Facts

    CAAB Code:37349801

    Depth:40-133 m


    Habitat:Soft bottoms

    Max Size:8.1 cm SL


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