Tail-eye Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus ocellicaudus (Allen, Randall & Kuiter 1994)

Other Names: Tail-eye Cardinalfish, Tailspot Cardinalfish

A Tail-eye Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus ocellicaudus, in Flores, Indonesia. Source: Gerald R. Allen / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A semi-transparent cardinalfish with a dark stripe on the snout and a large black ocellated spot on most of the caudal-fin base. 
Recorded from the Australian territory of Ashmore Reef in the Timor Sea.

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Tail-eye Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus ocellicaudus (Allen, Randall & Kuiter 1994)

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Ashmore Reef, Timor SeaI. Eslewhere the species occurs in Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Fiji.  Inhabits sandy or rubble reef slopes, around ledges at the base of large coral formations.


Dorsal fin VIII, 9; Anal fin II, 8; Pectoral fin 14; Lateral line scales 24; Predorsal scales 5; Gill rakers 3+15 (rarely14), excluding 2-3 rudiments on upper limb; Vertebrae 24. 
Body depth 2.9-3.4 in SL; preopercular margin serrate; preopercular ridge very weakly serrate around angle.

Species Citation

Apogon ocellicaudus Allen, Kuiter & Randall 1994, Rev. Fr. Aquariol. 21(1-2): 28. Type locality: East Pass, Ashmore Reef, Timor Sea [12°10'S, 123°05'E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2018


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Tail-eye Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus ocellicaudus (Allen, Randall & Kuiter 1994)


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37327177

Biology:Mouth brooder

Depth:15-30 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:5 cm SL

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