Bulls-eye Cardinalfish, Apogonichthyoides atripes (Ogilby 1916)

Other Names: Blackfinned Cardinalfish

A Bulls-eye Cardinalfish, Apogonichthyoides atripes, on the Gold Coast Seaway, Queensland, June 2015. Source: debaston / iNaturalist.org. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial

A brown to almost black cardinalfish with an ocellated spot on the body that is larger than the eye pupil. The species also has a dark second dorsal fin with a broad translucent to whitish or yellowish outer margin, black pelvic fins, a translucent to whitish or yellowish caudal fin, and a narrow black diagonal bar across the cheek. The species may also have indistinct bars along the side. 

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Bulls-eye Cardinalfish, Apogonichthyoides atripes (Ogilby 1916)

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Shark Bay, Western Australia, around the tropical north to at least Sydney, New South Wales. Inhabits sheltered coastal bays and estuaries including silty areas, often sheltering around sponges, soft-corals and other objects.


Dorsal fin VII, + I, 9; Anal fin II, 8.
Posterior margin of preopercle coarsely serrated; caudal peduncle short; caudal fin slightly rounded with rounded corners; pelvic fins larger than dorsal fin


Prior to 2010, most Australian records of this species had been misidentified as Apogon nigripinnis.


The specific name atripes is from the Latin ater (= black) and pes (= foot), in reference to the black pelvic fins of this species. 

Species Citation

Amia nigripes Ogilby, 1916, Proc. Royal Soc. Qld 28: 116. Type locality: Sandgate, Queensland, Australia.
A replacement name for Apogon nigripes Ogilby 1911, preoccupied by Apogon nigripes Playfair 1867 (now Ostorhinchus atripes).


Bray, D.J. 2021


Atlas of Living Australia

Bulls-eye Cardinalfish, Apogonichthyoides atripes (Ogilby 1916)


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CAAB Code:37327129

Biology:Mouth brooder (males)

Depth:6-30 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:9 cm TL


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