Ostorhinchus aterrimus (Günther 1867)

Illustration of a Black Soldier Fish, Ostorhinchus aterrimus - the holotype of Apogon aterrimus (BMNH 1865[or 1862].5.13.15). Source: Fraser-Brunner in Whitley, 1958 / Biodiversity Heritage Library. License: CC By Attribution

This species is known only from the holotype from Cape York, Queensland. Allen et al. (2006) previously considered the species as incertae sedis in the family Apogonidae. However, Mabuchi et al. (2014) placed it as a distinct species of Ostorhinchus

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Ostorhinchus aterrimus (Günther 1867)


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CAAB Code:37327188

Biology:Males - mouth brooders

Habitat:Reef associated


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