Kamohara’s Bandfish, Owstonia kamoharai Endo, Liao & Matsuura 2015

Owstonia kamoharai, from off Port Hedland, Western Australia, CSIRO H. 2075-01, 407 mm SL . Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC by Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

A uniformly reddish bandfish becoming whitish below, with black markings on the membranes of both jaws, a white margin on the dorsal, caudal, anal and pelvic fins, and black blotches or spots on the dorsal fin.

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Kamohara’s Bandfish, Owstonia kamoharai Endo, Liao & Matsuura 2015

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SW of Imperieue Reef, Western Australia, to north of Bathurst Island, Northern Territory. in depths of 200-410 m. The species also occurs in Japan.


Dorsal fin III, 21; Anal fin I, 14; Pectoral fin 21–23; Caudal-fin rays total) 17 (branched 13); Gill rakers on first arch (total) 39–40; Vertebrae 11 + 17–18 = 28–29; Cheek with 88–123 scales in 8–10 rows; Scales in longitudinal rows 53–56.
Lateral lines not forming loop in front of dorsal fin nor divided anteriorly, ending below 8th–10th dorsal-fin soft rays; lower margin of preopercle smooth; pelvic fin short, not reaching to anus; posterior margin of caudal fin rounded (Endo et al. 2015).


Named after the late Dr. Toshiji Kamohara (1901–1972) of Kochi University, who greatly contributed to the taxonomy of the Cepolidae.

Species Citation

Owstonia kamoharai Endo, Liao & Matsuura 2015, Ichthyol. Res. 63(1): 2, Figs. 2a-d, 3. Type locality: Mimase fish market, off Kan-no-ura, Tohyoh Town, Kochi, Shikoku Island, Japan, depth 200 m.


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Kamohara’s Bandfish, Owstonia kamoharai Endo, Liao & Matsuura 2015


Endo, H., Liao, Y.-C. & Matsuura, K. 2015. Owstonia kamoharai (Perciformes: Cepolidae), a new bandfish from Japan. Ichthyological Research 63(1): 31-38. PDF Open access

Smith-Vaniz, W.F. & Johnson, G.D. 2016. Hidden diversity in deep-water bandfishes: review of Owstonia with descriptions of twenty-one new species (Teleostei: Cepolidae: Owstoniinae). Zootaxa 4187(1): 1–103. PDF Open access

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CAAB Code:37380013

Depth:200-410 m

Habitat:Benthopelagic, continental slope

Max Size:41 cm SL

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