Genus Owstonia

Owstonia differs from all other cepolids in having the dorsal and anal fins not connected to the caudal peduncle by a membrane. It also has fewer dorsal- and anal-fin ray counts, dorsal fin III-IV, 19‒26 (vs. 0-III; 54‒89), anal fin I-II, 11‒19 (vs. 0‒I, 50‒101); and fewer caudal and total vertebrae 16‒18 and 27‒33 (vs. 40‒67 and 48‒79) (Smith-Vaniz & Johnson 2016).

Owstonia was named for Alan Owston (1853‒1915), amateur naturalist, yachtsman, and collector of Asian wildlife, notably fishes from Japan and China.
Author: Bray, D.J. 2017

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Smith-Vaniz, W.F. & Johnson, G.D. 2016. Hidden diversity in deep-water bandfishes: review of Owstonia with descriptions of twenty-one new species (Teleostei: Cepolidae: Owstoniinae). Zootaxa 4187(1): 1–103. PDF Open access