Smooth Bandfish, Owstonia psilos Smith-Vaniz & Johnson 2016

Paratype of the Smooth Bandfish, Owstonia psilos, from north of the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia, depth ~400 m, NMV A.29664–004, 64 mm SL. Source: Martin F. Gomon / Museums Victoria. License: CC by Attribution

A reddish bandfish with a prominent black blotch on the anterior part of the dorsal fin and dorsal-fin base, reddish dorsal, anal, caudal and pectoral fins with white margins, white pelvic fins, pale maxilla, cheek, belly, shoulder girdle and chest, a dark red gill cover, throat and top of head, and a golden iris.

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Smooth Bandfish, Owstonia psilos Smith-Vaniz & Johnson 2016

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Endemic to north Western Australia, from north of Glomar Shoal (18°46'27"S, 116°54'45"E) to south-east of Cartier Island (12°36'07"S, 123°25'23"E).


Dorsal fin III, 21; Anal fin I, 14; Lateral line ends below dorsal-fin soft rays 14‒20; oblique body scale rows in mid-lateral series about 32; total gill rakers 36‒40.
Premaxillary stripe absent, with a few scattered melanophores or with an incomplete brown stripe; dorsal fin anteriorly with interradial membranes of spine 3 to soft rays 4‒5 black at least distally.


The specific name is from the Greek psilos (bare, smooth, naked), in reference to the smooth lower margin of the preopercle, and the numerous missing scales of the holotype due to trawl abrasion.

Species Citation

Owstonia psilos Smith-Vaniz & Johnson 2016, Zootaxa 4187(1): 74, figs 64-66. Type locality: North of Rowley Shoals, WA [17°21'30"S, 118°57'19"E–17°20'53"S, 118°56'48"E]. 


Bray, D.J. 2017


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Smooth Bandfish, Owstonia psilos Smith-Vaniz & Johnson 2016


Smith-Vaniz, W.F. & Johnson, G.D. 2016. Hidden diversity in deep-water bandfishes: review of Owstonia with descriptions of twenty-one new species (Teleostei: Cepolidae: Owstoniinae). Zootaxa 4187(1): 1–103 PDF available, open access

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CAAB Code:37380015

Depth:360-446 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:18 cm SL

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