Genus Bodianus


The genus Bodianus, frequently known as the hogfishes or pigfishes, comprises more than 40 reef dwelling species distributed variously in tropical and warm temperate oceans around the world. Species vary in maximum size from 6 to 60 cm.

The dorsal fin in these fishes is long based, continuous, of uniform height, usually with XII, 9-11 rays and the anal fin has III, 11-13 rays, both of which have scaly basal sheaths ½-4 scales high. The lateral line is smoothly curved, uninterrupted, with 29-48 + 2 pored scales. The mouth is large with two pairs of prominent canines at the front of each jaw and another at the posterior end of the upper jaw, while teeth laterally in the jaws are on a raised dental ridge.

Author: Gomon, M.F. 2015

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Gomon, M.F. 2006.  A revision of the labrid fish genus Bodianus with descriptions of eight new species. Records of the Australian Museum, Supplement 30: 1-133.