Coral Siphonfish, Siphamia corallicola Allen 1993

Other Names: Coral Cardinalfish

A Coral Siphonfish, Siphamia corallicola, in Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi, Indonesia, October 2016. Source: Jim Greenfield / FishBase. License: All rights reserved

A siphonfish with reddish-brown to brown mottling or large blotches in five broad irregular bands separated by narrow silvery interspaces along the side, a silvery band across the top of the head at the rear of the eye, and an indistinct dark spot or blotch on the tail base.

Video of a male Coral Siphonfish (aka Coral Cardinalfish) brooding a mouthful of eggs.

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Coral Siphonfish, Siphamia corallicola Allen 1993

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Recorded in Australia from Flat Top Bank, Timor Sea, west of Darwin, Northern Territory. Elswhere the species occurs in the tropical, west Pacific: Indonesia east to the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. 
Groups of up to 40 individuals may hover above or shelter within branching corals such as the pocilloporid coral Seriatopora hystrix, and among sponges in protected bays, lagoons and coastal inlets.


Dorsal fin VIII + 9; Anal fin II, 8; Pectoral fin 11-12; Lateral line incomplete 6-13 tubed scales.
Light organ scattered with dark brown dots.


Forms breeding pairs.


The specific name corallicola  –icola, dweller or inhabitant, i.e., coral dwelling, referring to its habitat

Species Citation

Siphamia corallicola Allen, 1993, Revue Française d'Aquariologie et Herpétologie 20(1): 12, figs 4-6. Type locality: Tab Island, Madang, Papua New Guinea.


Bray, D.J. 2022


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Coral Siphonfish, Siphamia corallicola Allen 1993


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Quick Facts

CAAB Code:37327175

Biology:Bioluminescent, mouth brooders (males)

Depth:6-22 m

Habitat:Reef associated

Max Size:4 cm TL

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