Fourline Striped Grunter, Pelates quadrilineatus (Bloch 1790)

Other Names: Fourline Grunter, Four-line Trumpeter, Four-lined Grunter-perch, Fourlined Terapon, Four-lined Trumpeter, Trumpeter

A Fourline Striped Grunter, Pelates quadrilineatus. Source: Australian National Fish Collection, CSIRO. License: CC BY Attribution-Noncommercial

Adults are silvery with 4-6 dark stripes along the sides, a dark blotch below the anterior dorsal-fin spines, and a black blotch on the spinous dorsal fin. In juveniles, the horizontal stripes are broken up by 6- greyish vertical bars.
Inhabits estuaries and brackish waters where it is often seen in schools.

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Fourline Striped Grunter, Pelates quadrilineatus (Bloch 1790)

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Found in the tropical Indo-west Pacific. Known in northern Australian waters from Shark Bay (Western Australia) to Smiths Lake (New South Wales), and possibly south to Sydney, in depths of 1-39 metres.


To 30 cm TL




Taken as bycatch in estuarine and inshore ocean fisheries in eastern Australia; also caught by recreational anglers, and are usually discarded due to their small size.


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Species Citation

Holocentrus quadrilineatus Bloch 1790, Naturg. ausländischen Fische 4: 82. Type locality: 'The Orient'.


Dianne J. Bray

Fourline Striped Grunter, Pelates quadrilineatus (Bloch 1790)


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CAAB Code:37321001

Depth:1-39 metres

Habitat:Estuaries, brackish waters

Max Size:30 cm

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