Genus Pomacentrus


Pomacentrus Lacepède, 1802, with almost 60 species, is the second largest genus in the family Pomacentridae. Species inhabit coral reefs throughout the Indo-west-central Pacific. The genus is particularly diverse in the Indo-Australian Archipelago, with 50 species known to occur in this region (Allen & Erdmann 2009), and 26 species found in Australia.

Species range in colour from brown, grey, yellow to blue, and juveniles usually have an ocellus on the soft-rayed part of the dorsal fin. Max size is about 80-90 mm SL.

Meristic features: Dorsal fin XIII or XIV, 12–16; Anal fin II, 12–16; Pectoral fin 16–19; tubed lateral-line scales 13–19; Gill rakers (total first arch) 17–30.

Margin of suborbital usually serrate, rarely smooth; margin of preopercle usually with distinct serrations (although weak in several species); notch usually present between preorbital and suborbital bones; preorbital scaleless except scaled posteriorly in a few species; teeth in two rows at front of jaws; maximum body depth 1.8–2.5 in SL. (Allen & Erdmann 2009).

Author: Dianne J. Bray

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