Genus Eviota


A large group of tropical and subtropical gobies found on coral or rocky reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. All species are small and most females mature at lengths less than 15 mm SL. The genus contains more than 110 valid species, and more than 30 species occur in Australian waters. These tiny cryptic gobies are some of the most abundant fishes found on the Great Barrier Reef.

Species are distinguished from other gobiid genera by the following combination of characters (Lachner & Karnella, 1980): small adult size (females usually sexually mature at less than 15 mm SL); pelvic fins separate, a fine fragile membrane joining bases, fraenum absent; pelvic-fin rays I,4 or I,5, the fifth segmented ray (when present) a simple rudiment or an unbranched ray; fourth segmented pelvic fin ray multi-branched; trunk usually with dark subcutaneous spots or bars; first dorsal fin with 6 spines; scales ctenoid, fewer than 30 in lateral series, absent from head, nape and base of pectoral fin; and gill opening narrow (Gill & Jewett 2004). 

Greenfield & Winterbottom (2016) provide a key to species.

Author: Bray, D.J. 2021

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