Genus Chromis

A large damselfish genus with more than 80  species with the following characteristics: an elliptical and moderately deep body, depth 53-62% SL; a short snout; biserial teeth including an outer row of enlarged conical teeth; head fully scaled except for the tip of the snout and the area around the nasal openings; dorsal fin with 12-15 spines and 10-15 soft rays; anal fin with two spines and 10-14 soft rays; caudal fin with 15 principal rays and 5-6 procurrent rays, the first two or three of the latter being spiniform; and fewer than 30 scale rows in the longitudinal series (Randal1 et al. 1981, Allen 1991, Iwatsubo & Motomura 2013). 
Author: Bray, D.J. 2017

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